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About fish leather
About fish leather

About fish leather

Fish leather – nature-friendly luxury

 People of the North had ancient traditions of using fish leather for shoes and clothing, traditions that were forgotten in the XX-th century. Now the fish leathers are making their come-back as a fashionable and exotic material and challenge the rule of reptiles in the market of exotic leathers. Fish leather IS THE XXI-st CENTURY’s REPTILE, only much more nature-friendly and affordable.
 The mechanical qualities of the fish leather are superior to those of animal leather, it is strong, yet elastic, it’s light and only 0,3-0,5 mm thin, yet it has high performance in most conventional mechanical tests, it tolerates chemical cleaning very well and can be dyed in any colours.
Fish leathers look great on bags, belts, shoes, garments, watch-straps, jewellery boxes,  furniture and as car interior material – on anything where leather is normally used. Until now fish leather has only been a high-fashion material, but we believe it’s time to bring it to a broader market. Using this leather you will be able to create innovative, beautiful and original products, but you also will help to protect the endangered reptile species and to optimise the way in which we use our great natural resource - fish.