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Finished fish leathers
Finished fish leathers

Finished fish leathers

SkinNOva produces leathers of bag-, shoe- and garment quality. Additionally we manufacture by our patented method „transparent leather”, which can be used as  innovative and pretty interior design material, on lamps, book covers, for business cards and advertising prints etc.

The finishing types of our leathers vary from nubuck to high-gloss.
The choice of colours is literally unlimited: in addition to our standard colour range we can accomodate special orders. In our processes we use only chemicals and dyes from the best European manufacturers. The finished leather  does not stain, tolerates dry cleaning, has outstanding surface resistance to friction. And – the most important thing that everyone who sees the fish leather for the first time asks and tries – IT DOES NOT SMELL FISH!

Average leather sizes:

Salmon: 6,5 dm2 (0,72 sq.ft)


Trout:  4,5 dm2 (0,5 sq.ft)


Pike-perch: 3,2 dm2 (0,36 sq.ft)