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Panels of fish leather
Panels of fish leather

Panels of fish leather

Fish leather panels

Fish leather panels consist of several skins which are connected normally by stitching in some systematic pattern. Panels are pre-fabricated material for garments, furniture up-holstry etc. The width of the salmon panels is normally 60 cm, for pike-perch panels the width is up to 80 cm, while the length is according to the needs of the customer.
If the end-product requires more rigid or thick leather, a layer of textile or foam base  can be glued on the back side of the panel.
The skins are stitched together with thoroughly selected threads, so that the tones match and the stitch is hardly visible.
Here are some samples of the panel types:
A panel of salmon with natural edge overlap connection.
A panel with straight-cut edge connection „back to back”.
A panel  with straight-cut edge connection, „black fusion”- pattern.


Straight-cut panel with hidden stitch