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 SkinNova Ltd. is a new tannery, located in Pärnu, Estonia and having a sales office in Tallinn. The company was founded in 2006, but our experience with fish leathers is more than 10 years old. We have developed our own, environment- and health-friendly technology for making fish leather. We work mainly with the local species of the Baltic Sea region: salmon, trout, pike-perch, pike.

In our production we use tanning and finishing chemicals from the leading European manufacturers. Being a European manufacturer ourselves, we adhere to the strictest environment- and safety regulations.

We work a lot with local Estonian designers and manufacturers of leather goods, but we are also building our own network of international customers, representing mainly bag- and shoe, fashion and small leather goods industries, as well as leather wholesalers. 

To promote the fish leather as an exotic and natural fashion material of the future, we opened an Internet-shop on this web-site, where you can view and buy products designed and produced by our partners using our fish leather. Please proceed to our 水密码!


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